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Zenegra User Essentials: Effects, Caution, Instructions

Zenegra (generic sildenafil) is an optimal cost-effective solution against ED. The health benefits and tips for effective and safe use.

Sildenafil Side Effects

Zenegra, like every other drug in the history of pharmacology, has a number of side effects. This does not necessarily mean that every user of Zenegra will develop adverse events, since every patient’s reaction towards the drug is different. The tolerability is conditioned by a number of factors, among which the most important are individual response, the presence of sensitivities towards sildenafil or other components in the drug, the mode of intake – fasted or after a meal, and many other related circumstances.

Common side effects of Zenegra

Body SystemCommonRareVery Rare
Circulatory SystemFacial flushing
Drop in blood pressure
Angina (!)*
Palpitations (!)*
Swelling of arm, lips or face (!)*
Pain in the arm (!)*
Central Nervous SystemHeadache
Back pain
Muscle pain
Fainting (!)*
Digestive / Excretory SystemHeartburn
Stomach upset
Reproductive SystemAbnormally lasting erection (!)*
Ocular SystemChange in color perception
Vision disturbances
Temporary loss of vision (!)*
Hearing SystemRinging in the earsTemporary loss of hearing (!)*

* If you experience any of these side effects, seek medical help immediately

How to minimize the side effects of Zenegra

It is a good news that the longer you take sildenafil preparations, the better your body becomes adjusted to its effects, and the fewer adverse reactions you develop. The continued use of Zenegra has been reported to improve overall erectile ability and even cardiac function, and all that against the background of decreased sensitivity towards potential side effects of the drug.

However, there are some side effects that are firmly associated with the use of sildenafil, as well as other drugs from the same class. Sildenafil contained in Zenegra is a powerful vasodilator, and this characteristic of the active substance predisposes Zenegra users to adverse reactions associated with the vascular action of sildenafil.

side effects

In order to bring down the potential of side effects with the use of Zenegra, always follow the instructions of your doctor and/or the instructions contained in the manufacturer’s insert to the drug. Do not throw away the insert, as you might need in for future reference. Never take more than one recommended dose of Zenegra. In case you suspect overdosing, seek medical help at once.

Taking Zenegra after a light meal will help your body cope with the toxicity associated with sildenafil, protecting your GTI from any unwanted reactions towards the drug. The key here is moderation though, as you might diminish the benefits of the drug if you take it after a heavy meal or foods high on fat content.

Zenegra side effects are dose-related

This study shows that the side events associated with the use of sildenafil are related to the dose of the drug. The mean dosage recommended for the general subset of patients is Zenegra 50mg. If the expected benefit is not observed, you can ask your healthcare provider to step up the dose of sildenafil to Zenegra 100mg. Caution should be exercised though; this is also the dose that is reported to provoke side events in the majority of registered cases.

In case of known insufficiency of the liver or kidneys (creatinine clearance < 50 mL/min.), the use of sildenafil pills should be re-evaluated by the healthcare practitioner. The dose adjustments can be required.

If you develop side effects that are particularly bothersome or persistent, ask your prescriber to adjust the dose. Lower doses of sildenafil (Zenegra 25mg) are least associated with any side events.

Zenegra side effects and alcohol

It is admissible to ingest up to 3 units of alcohol when taking Zenegra without major consequences for health. However, alcohol is best avoided whenever there is a need to take inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 in order to facilitate the erectile ability. Alcohol is a vasodilating substance, and so is sildenafil; the combination of the two can lead to a sudden and uncontrollable drop in blood pressure.

Taking alcohol per se can compromise the erectile function; in the presence of erectile difficulty, alcohol effects will have a major detrimental effect on the sexual ability, although taking it will increase libido and create an illusion of better sexual stamina.