Apply Zenegra – The Brand New ED Pill Perfect for Everyone!

Many pharmaceutical companies have taken advantage of the invention of Sildenafil - the active ingredient of Viagra. They produce new tools based on it, and improve the quality of life of many people suffering from erectile dysfunction. One of such companies is Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited. It was the company that manufactured the new Sildenafil drug Zenegra - another product based on the active ingredient Sildenafil.

Details about the action of Zenegra pills

Zenegra sildenafil The main feature means that the production technology is different from the classical, which are produced by other similar drugs with the same active ingredient. At the same time comply with any requirements of the World Health Organization - WHO. Changing technology has made it possible to reduce the time from the start of Zenegra intake during 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is a huge advantage when you need fast readiness for intimacy and strong erection.

Zenegra is effective in all forms and degrees of severity of the violation potency. Taking it for 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse, you can easily reach loved about 4 hours. This time is quite enough to enjoy each other plenty. But if you plan to spend several days in the romantic entertainment, get an agent based on active ingredient of Cialis – called Tadalafil. In our online pharmacy offers a wide range of such funds. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours.

When using Zenegra receiving frequency should not be more than 1 time for 24 hours. Particular attention should be given use of the drug for older people over 60 years. All the processes in their bodies slow down. It slows down the process of elimination. This should be considered when selecting the dosage and frequency of administration.

At the use of the drug may cause side effects. Most often, this happens when the wrong dose selected. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before you buy Zenegra, check with your doctor. It will assess the possibility of receiving funds, will consider all contraindications, your age, health status, select the best for your dose of the active substance.

How does Zenegra act?

Over the counter Sildenafil - the fifth type of phosphodiesterase inhibitor. That is, it slows down the production and effects of the drug as a classic PDE-5 inhibitor that promotes the outflow of blood from the penis and returns it to the sluggish state after intercourse. Due to Sildenafil’s action, blood vessels and erectile tissues of the penis relax and widen. Circulation increases sharply. Member fills with blood, and there is a strong erection. Moreover, its emergence - the process is not spontaneous. It starts only against the background of sexual stimulation, when a man is excited, that is, everything happens naturally. Because like PDE-5 inhibitors Zenegra is under the influence of an active substance produced Zenegra much slower, longer lasting erections and sexual intercourse becomes longer.

Zenegra dosage and administration

Since the perception of each person is strictly individual, to the selection of the dose should be approached with caution. Most men 50 mg of active substance can achieve maximum results. But for the more susceptible it is enough to 25mg. 25 mg of Zenegra you will need if you first want to try the drug, if you are over 60-65 years old, or you suffer from some chronic disease. If you have everything in order, you are young enough and healthy, then you can gradually move to the maximum daily dose - 100 mg.

The availability of Zenegra pills

Incidentally, Zenegra 100 mg is much more favorable cost than a smaller dosage, and if necessary the tablet can be broken into pieces. Zenegra dosage should be the choice to make a doctor. Only this pill can properly assess the situation with your health and take into account all the particular effects of the drug.

If your problem is somewhat different plan, and you suffer from premature ejaculation, get Poxet the active substance called Dapoxetine (it can be also found in Piligry). It is 3-4 times increase during intercourse. But in this case the consultation of the doctor is required.

Whatever kind of erectile problem is chasing you, do not waste time. Solve it now. Use Zenegra pills – they are cheap and effective in therapy of erectile dysfunction.