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Zenegra (generic sildenafil) is an optimal cost-effective solution against ED. The health benefits and tips for effective and safe use.

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Over the years of its being in the market, Zenegra has become a fast favorite with users, internationally. We have collected reviews shared on Web by men who have experience taking Zenegra – although those reviews range from wildly enthusiastic to moderately underwhelmed, according to our internal statistics, 88% of men are satisfied with the health outcomes achieved with the help of this popular sildenafil generic. These figures go roughly along the lines of the general efficacy rate of sildenafil in the official studies.

We would like to remind you that sildenafil is one of the numerous drugs in the family of PDE5 inhibitors, and different men have different response towards the same drug, while another representative of its class can stimulate far more gratifying health benefits. The results of Zenegra therapy are also dose-dependent and time-related, so, in the grand scheme of things, it is recommended to take the drug on several occasions and consult the doctor as for the dose adjustment in order to observe the objective results.

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Austin, 48, Denver


I am mostly very satisfied with my Zenegra experience. I started using ED pills a few years back and I have tried each and every drug in the class of oral tablets for impotence. I take Zenegra in the dose of 100 mg, optimal results starting some 30 minutes after I take the tablet. I used to experience headaches the first month, especially the next day; but now not so much in terms of side effects.

Jasper, 34, Sweden


I buy Zenegra online. In my country Viagra and similar pills are not covered by the state insurance plan, which is a shame. One cannot be expected to pay $70 and above for a single pill! Zenegra works just fine though. I get hard with the slightest thought about anything sexy. I recommend using Zenegra in the dose that is at least 50 mg, 25 mg do not give such good results. Cheers from Sweden!

Claus, 51, Germany


All was fine with Zenegra up until that one time I broke in awful hives all over. Then again, it was when I ordered by refill from a drugstore I’d never ordered from before, upon a tip from a Besserwisser I know recommending them for a better price… Will only order from the stores I used to before in future!

Casey, 39, North Carolina


Generic sildenafil is as good as the actual Viagra, this is at least what has proven to be true in my personal experience. I take a pill of Zenegra, as per instructions, an hour before I think I will need to get it up, but in reality I can feel the improvement in blood circulation and the slight side effects like warm around the face and neck already 20 minutes later. If I get sexually aroused, I can feel the onset of erection coming on. I get nauseous sometimes, but no major distress.

Toney, 62, Ireland


I used to do Viagra when it only appeared on the market because I would engage in MFF threesomes back in the day, but as I got older I actually needed to have some aid on hand because I got diabetic and I actually had been diagnosed with ED. Now that I have prescription for sildenafil I opt for the generic Zenegra which is way cheaper but every bit as effective. The only side effects I get is runny nose and a bit of headache sometimes.

Stanley, 44, Ontario


I cannot say I have major trouble getting it up, but I was curious about what was in it for me. I figured I would go all Super Sayan or something. To tell the truth, it was indeed worth it. My girlfriend kept on asking what came into me, lol. I was so ready for the action till the wee hours of the morning. I use Zenegra from time to time now when I want something extra

Barnaby, 28, Great Britain


I started using drugs for erection after a trauma. Over the span of several months I have tried both brand name and generics for sildenafil. The only pill really that comes very close to the brand Viagra in terms of good results and the absence of bad side effects is Zenegra.

Helio, 37, Portugal


I use Zenegra as my go-to medication most of the time. If not it, then I go for generic Cialis, but I don’t appreciate it that the drugs has to stay around in my system for quite so long, so I would prefer Zenegra any day. I sometimes get diarrhea, but nothing extraordinary, quite manageable.

Matthew, 47, New York State


Zenegra, Suhagra and Kamagra are my three pills of choice when it comes down to daddy’s little helpers. They help me get erect in a clock-work manner. I know there are plenty of nay-sayers out there positing it is only the brand stuff that is the real deal; let me break it to you that no drug should cost an arm and a leg in order to be good. If you are fine with giving your hard-earned money to pharmaceutical giants, be my guest. I am sticking with generic sildenafil.